1. Why db.js?

If you’ve done much work with IndexedDB you’ll have noticed that the API isn’t quite as fluent as it could be, particularly when it comes to querying. The aim of db.js is to make it a whole lot easier to do this kind of thing. Primarily I wanted to provide a Promise-based interface for developing against IndexedDB.

2. What browsers does it support?

Currently db.js is designed to work with the latest version of the IndexedDB spec (May 2012) and this means that it should work in browsers that have implemented that (Firefox 13+ Chrome 20+, IE10). There is some level of backwards compatibility that means IE10 (Windows 8 Consumer Preview) is supported and some support for older WebKit implementations (which rely on the setVersion implementation).

If you find it not working in a browser which has IndexedDB support raise an issue.