Welcome to Chauffeur, deliverying changes to your Umbraco environment in style.

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Aliases: u

umbraco> user <delivery> <arguments>

A series of sub-deliveries which can be undertaken against Umbraco users


umbraco> user create-user <name> <login name> <email> <password> <comma separated groups>
umbraco> user create-user "Aaron Powell" aaronpowell password1 group1,group2

Creates a new user and assigns them to the group(s) you specify. Some notes on it:


umbraco> user change-password <name> <new password>
umbraco> user change-password admin password

Changes the password of a user, you generally want to combine this with the install Deliverable so you can setup a user that can log in.


umbraco> user change-name <username> <new username>
umbraco> user change-name admin aaron

Changes the user name for a given user.


umbraco> user change-loginname <login name> <new login name>
umbraco> user change-loginname admin

Changes the login name for a given user.