Welcome to Chauffeur, deliverying changes to your Umbraco environment in style.

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Aliases: ct

umbraco> content-type <delivery> <arguments>

A series of sub-deliveries which can be undertaken against Umbraco ContentType’s.

umbraco> content-type get-all

Lists all ContentType’s in a quick summary.

umbraco> content-type get <id or alias>

Gets a specific ContentType and lists its properties.

umbraco> content-type export <id or alias>

Exports a specific ContentType which is then output to Chauffeur’s directory.

umbraco> content-type import <exported file name>

Imports a ContentType from the specified file, you don’t need to provide the .xml extension it is assumed.

umbraco> content-type remove <ids or aliases>

Removes all the content types based on the IDs or Aliases that you provided.

umbraco> content-type remove-property <content type id or alias> <property alias>

Removes a property from a content type.